A Response to “Understanding, the Basics of “The Last Days” by Steven Baisden

For over 2000 years the Bible has weathered countless attacks against it “inspired” inception. People have claimed it “contains” the word of God, meaning you have to look through it to separate God’s divinely inspired thoughts and the confused thoughts of men who thought Jesus could walk on water (Bultman) or the words have a “spiritually” meaning which is the real point, not the literal words. Then there are those who by Faith hold to the position that the entire Word of God was inspired by the Holy Spirit who used fallible men to communicate His infallible words.

            While any one person can read the Bible and come to a knowledge of salvation the deeper theological and doctrinal “truths’ are derived by study and learning such as the “Doctrine of the Incarnation.” The church in those early years wrestled with each other over the meaning of scriptures and As time has passed the words of uneducated men have fallen to the wayside who had claimed to understand these inspired words but alas failed miserably because of a lack of education.

One may study the bible for thirty years and still lack education.

An education is founded in the rules of Hermeneutics, grammar, syntax, and good old-fashioned history. When church history and the Creeds are jettisoned, one is forced to start from scratch. Unfortunately, the Full Preterist does not start from scratch. They start with their presuppositions then interpret the Bible through that perspective.  While giving lip service to “Understanding Bible Basics of interpretation ” they invent a new  “hermeneutic.” Hermeneutics were rules written in order to understand what a person has written as a unified code for all people to use so that communication is achieved through the use of words that have a common meaning.

The first clues in recognizing someone lacks an education is they declare they understand the word better than most people. Then they will tell us the proper way to understand the Bible. Baisden stated,

The vast majority of people today have no clue of “HOW” to read the Bible! I will not get into all the wrong ways, but I will explain a few things which are absolutely imperative to properly understanding it!

This is a prime example of  someone who does think more highly of himself than he aught. Baisden being a “Full Preterist” has adopted their rules of hermeneutics and so when they explain doctrine or theology it is never in response to the Churches long held positions but a reshaping of scriptures to make it say what they wish. Full Preterism Theology practical does not exist and what does come forth is “made up” according to their rules and yet when they explain their rules they alone in the church abide them for interpretation and believe they have a better understanding than the rest of the church, and of course the church is all wrong because they do not use FP hermeneutics to explain scriptures. Now some things Baisden say in a sense is right but further explanation is warranted.


The Bible is full of contradictions. Contradictions are accounted for by perspective. If a person sees a glass half full of water, another will see the same glass is half empty. Both perspectives are true at the same time yet in wording they contradict.  The non-Biblical student fails to see these distinctions of perspectives.

Not everything in the bible is true. Bad men said bad things and untrue things, and the bible records what these men said. It is true that the person said them, but what they said was not true. Again perspective.

  • The Bible was NOT WRITTEN TO PEOPLE IN 2021! It was written to people 2000 years ago. When we try to force an understanding of a passage that those in the first century could have never understood, then WE ARE WRONG! WE MUST UNDERSTAND IT AS THOSE TO WHOM IT WAS WRITTEN WOULD HAVE UNDERSTOOD IT! If we do not, we are not understanding it as it was intended.

The Old Testament was written to and for every Jew as even God told Moses to write down things for the next and every generation following to know the truth of what had gone on before. The New testament while written to specific churches, these men recognize the value of these words and copied these letter and passed them on from one church to another for the next three hundred years. Yes, they were written in a culturally specific time frame to specific people(s), the author was the Holy Spirit and the truth presented in the Epistles and Gospels are timeless.  It was intended to be the message of God’s truth to all generations not just the first century church. We understand when the Holy Spirit told Paul to go to Asia and preach, that was not a message for any person today. The full Preterist tries to make this a point of references because of Prophecy. All Prophecy has a time and place of future fulfillment and the FP claims that when Paul said “you”, he was referring to that generation of people alone who would experience the fulfillment of that prophecy and it cannot happen in any other generation.

This is a false hermeneutic.

In Deuteronomy 28, Moses prophesied as to what would happen to Israel for the failure to keep the covenant. Moses made very specific prophecies and continually said, “you”, and yet we examine that generation not one single prophecy that was foretold by Mosses happened in that generation. The “you” generation becomes the representation of a future generation. In the New Testament, Paul uses the exact same context of the “you”, that represent the church. In other words when he taught concerning Eschatology in Thess, or in Corinthians, he used the word you, but it was not prophecy to those people in the specific church of Thessalonica or of Corinth, but was for the whole body of Christ, and as for the “church” generation that would experience the second coming. Since we have the advantage of Church History, we know that the second coming or any events following have taken place according to what Paul taught about the nature of these events. We have no historical evidence from any person after AD 70 that states a second coming or a resurrection of the dead has already taken place.

  • When the New Testament writers quote from the Old Testament, they are NOT QUOTING that Old Testament passage out of context! They are quoting the Old Testament IN CONTEXT! So, when reading the New Testament, if it can be illustrated that the Old Testament is being referenced, we MUST get the context of that Old Testament passage before we can rightly ascertain the true context and application of what the New Testament writer is speaking about!

This again becomes a false hermeneutic. The New Testament is the revealing of the mysteries long held in symbolism of the OT prophets as Paul explained many times. But this is not something the FP maintains loyalty to but remains arbitrary according to their “feelings”. Paul preached a resurrection of the just and unjust, which comes from a reference in Daniel 12. Even John quoted from the same passage in John 5. Daniel 12 speaks of  “many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake,” (it’s the body that sleeps in the dust “Gen 3:15”) Daniel is quoting from Is 26:19

Your dead shall live; their bodies shall rise.
You who dwell in the dust, awake, and sing for joy!
For your dew is a dew of light,
and the earth will give birth to the dead.

The context of the passage is a future blessing upon “Judah” in a time when she is restored. As in Isa 25, He will swallow up death forever; and the Lord GOD will wipe away tears from all faces, as used by John in Revelation 7:17. The full Preterist ignores this context and declares that from AD 70 , Jerusalem will be found no more (Rev 18).

Since their doctrine does not teach physical bodily resurrection, this passage in Is 19 is not taken in context but spiritualized to mean anything else but what it literally states with no exegetical support that the language is to be taken metaphorically or allegorically. .

Zech 12, 14 are in context second coming passages but when it states, “The inhabitants of Jerusalem have strength through the LORD of hosts, their God.’, 7“And the LORD will give salvation to the tents of Judah , Jerusalem shall again be inhabited in its place, in Jerusalem, On that day the LORD will protect the inhabitants of Jerusalem, then a complete contradiction of terms, the FP will state that this was fulfilled in AD 70 because Zech 12:10 is quoted in Math 24:30, then all the tribes of the earth will mourn,  yet they know perfectly well, that  in AD 70 “The inhabitants of Jerusalem DID NOT have strength through the LORD of hosts, their God.’, 7“And the LORD DID NOT give salvation to the tents of Judah , Jerusalem shall again NOT be inhabited in its place, in Jerusalem, On that day the LORD DID NOT protect the inhabitants of Jerusalem.” Their assertions he came in AD 70 IS A CONTRADITION OF HISTORICAL EVENTS. Therefore, they change the context to be about the New Jerusalem and not the literal Jerusalem that Math 24 demands is the subject and context.

The FP gives lip service but in practice, defy every principle they espouse for Biblical interpretation.

  • Audience Relevance! Not only must we respect that the Bible was not written to us in 2021, we MUST respect to whom it was written and the chronology of the events spoken of in the text! Example: The book of Revelation was written to “The Seven Churches which are in Asia, about things which MUST shortly come to pass, for the time was at hand”! In other words, Revelation is NOT about things to shortly come to pass for us today. The time is NOT AT HAND for us today, it was for them the seven churches of Asia 2000 years ago, in our long distant past!

BY passing the real argument that what is written in English is not exactly the correct translation of the passages in Rev 1, in a repeat of point #2 but in the midst of a major blunder fail to grasp the point that any futurist does not place the letters to the seven churches 2000 years later. These seven letters are a part of the meaning in Rev 1,  “Write what you see in a book and send it to the seven churches, since these events are to impact every church of which Rome and the Jerusalem are not mentioned does not mean these letter were not to be sent to them as well as history records the book of Revelation was copied and spread to every church everywhere.

Then these letters were what is called, those that are, in verse 19 indicate these things that are, are words of warning to the churches. These warning of “not forsaking your first love” is just as valid today as it was 2000 years ago.

  • What God has joined together LET NOT MAN PUT USUNDER! If God joins certain prophetic activities together, we do NOT have the liberty to tear those activities apart! Example: Scripture teaches that Jesus would return with the trumpet of God, with Hid Angels, in the Clouds, to Gather together the elect (Judgement), IN THE GENERATION IN WHICH THE OLD TESTAMENT TEMPLE WOULD BE DESTROYED WHEN THE OLD COVENANT WOULD END (Mt 24-25)!

Yes, Baisden misappropriated a passage concerning marriage, for his own purpose but we agree that Israel was judged in that generation, there was a gathering to Jerusalem of Israel’s elect when the siege began and not of the saints as the saints fled Jerusalem being warned of what was to come by God himself. Yet a different argument all together the truth does stand up on its own theological legs that the OC Moses ended at the cross, but the FP fails to see the ramification of claiming that two covenants existed at the same time for 40 years.   

  • Scripture also teaches that all prophecy would end when salvation would come, when the Old Covenant Temple would be destroyed (Dan 9:24, Zec 13:1-14:3, Luke 21:20-32)!

This statement as well becomes a gross misrepresentation of the truth. The full Preterist claims that every prophecy was to be fulfilled yet Luke stated very clearly in Luke 24:44 everything written about me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets, and the Psalms must be fulfilled, not every prophecy period. This is a failure on there part to understand the hermeneutical principle, “let scriptures interpret scriptures.” The sub point is that Heb 9:28, the completing of the salvation process is the redemption of the body, when this physical body is raised immortal and imperishable.

7. UNDERSTANDING WORDS AS GOD INTENDED THEM TO BE UNDERSTOOD! Many MANY examples of this could be given, but for simplicity lets keep it simple and brief. Example: SEED, often in scripture is NOT speaking of literal physical seeds of vegetable garden. Often “SEED” refers to the word of God. So we MUST consider the context, with no contradictions, in order to properly ascertain “WHICH SEED IS UNDER CONSIDERATION in the text. Example: “Body” can be used for a physical biological body or it can be used referencing the church, or even used like a corporate body. Example: “Death” is used in many different ways. You can be physically alive, but dead in your sins (unsaved). The wages of sin is death, if this were physical biological death, then all would be dead physically, and babies would NEVER DIE as they are innocent!

The Bible is chocked full of words that have multiple meaning and definition! DO NOT THINK every time you read a word that it is meant only the way YOU think of that word. YOU MUST RIGHTLY DIVIDE the word of God (2Tim 3:15), and understand it is a SPIRITUAL BOOK containing SPIRITUAL WORDS (John 6:63, 1Cor 2:13)!

The FP strives to contradict this principle in every chance they get. Greek experts have determined based on the Greek grammar of how a word is used in context. Thayer’s lexicon breaks down words meaning and usage according to the grammatical syntax and tells you how the word is to be used and understood in context. For example, Mello is shown to be used two 4 different ways. The lexicon then provides the scriptures that demonstrate how these words being used in context differ from one another. In Acts 24:15 every translation uses the word “what is sure to happen” based on the construct of the use of the verb “to be” being used in a future infinitive construct. Hence its translation  except in two version where it states, “about to be”, which then is proven exegetically incorrect translation. But the FP in his great lack of knowledge in Greek declares the experts are wrong and it is supposed to be “about to be” based on a presupposition that it was to take place in AD 70. Again, this is a clear-cut case of not following their own hermeneutic.

In this last point let me simply state the one issue in the full preterist claiming the “world without end” or that “its INCREASE ARE ETERNAL (Isa 9:6-8)” meaning this world never comes to an end. Jesus stated he was the alpha and Omega, If he is the alpha of creation, then he is the Omega of creation.   

In Revelation 20 there is a book of life in which every believer has his name written down from the beginning of creation. This book has a last page and a last name on that last page which indicates there is  an “omega”. No name can be added to the list as then that would deny Christ is “omniscient.” Therefore, no names can be added. IF the names come to an end, then there comes and end to procreation in which no else is born.  There is an end, and the end is reached in the final judgment of Rev 20 in which every man who was every created will stand before God and give an account for his life. It is impossible for God to hold court in AD 70 and judge people before they have lived their lives or with out standing before him to be judged, as Paul stated “it is appointed for men to die once, then judgment.  God is perfect in his judgments and God’s justice demands that all men stand before him to give an account of their lives, and Rev 20 states this happens at the resurrection of the unjust, who are raised to stand in judgment of the Great White Throne judgment.  

For these reasons the FP hermeneutics is a great fail.

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