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Simplicity of the Last Days

If there is one thing the church needs it is a simple but constructive, coherent, consistent, and logical understanding of the end times events. There needs to be an end to date setting, detailed explanations for blood moons, and promises of a “soon coming” rapture. With so many armchair- newspaper reading prophets all we get is confusion and contradiction. Not to mention the rise of one of the most heretical paradigms ever promoted by false teachers, “Realized Eschatology” which is more commonly known as “Full Preterism” or the alternative “Transmillenialism” as invented by Max King.

“The Simplicity of the Last Days” is written to make the case for a simple but historical accurate and well-developed explanation for a chronological narrative of End Time events. This book makes the case for the Classical Post Trib / Pre-Millennial coming of Christ and the true signs of what we are looking and waiting for. It seeks to answer not only the basic questions of last day events but to give a theological understanding for the Bodily return of Christ, the physical Resurrection of the dead, and the coming of the New Heaven and Earth.

After being informed of Full Preterism, Stephen has engaged the Preterist community for six years now learning everything he could about the view and why it is a new form of heresy growing in the church. Based on his Master's Thesis he completed his book "The Simplicity of the Last Days." as an answer to the errors of Preterism and Dispensationalism as well. It is available through Amazon / Kindle.

Stephen Whitsett Jr

Stephen Whitsett was born in Kokomo, IN, and raised in many places; Illinois, Nebraska, Iowa, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Missouri, and eventually back to Omaha, NE where he Graduated from Technical High School '80. He then attended LIFE Pacific (Bible) College in 1981 and eventually graduated in 1996. Stephen married in 1987 to Kellie and had their first girl, Avery in 1988, and their second girl, Stephanie in 1995. They have now been married for thirty three years. In the meantime he worked as a Youth pastor in the Southern California District, and served also as Assistant Pastor, Associate Pastor, Sunday School Director, Church Board, and as a Bookkeeper, at Tilden Avenue, Culver City, and Venice Foursquare churches. In 2003 he was assigned to Pastor the Fremont Foursquare church. In 2014 he went back to school and graduated with his M.Div. from Grand Canyon University, then his Th.M. from Regent University. He is currently working on Ph.D. from Amridge University.

Stephen is available for speaking engagements on the topic of Eschatology. Please just send a private e-mail.