When it comes to Eschatology, Revelation, and the Last days, what one believes is important so that when a “belief system” comes along with good sounding arguments and half truths, yet make a ship wreck of a persons faith, it must be confronted respectfully and with truth.

FULL PRETERISM is a teaching that claims Jesus returned in AD 70.

And all prophecy was fulfilled, meaning there is no future Second Coming, Millennium, Great White Throne Judgment, or a New Heaven and Earth. Now any Christian can recognize why this sounds absurd but the reality is this belief is gaining followers because of a lack of sound answers. We need a loud and clear pronunciation from the church that such challenges to the Gospel will not go unanswered. I need people to come and take a stand for the truth. To support me as I proclaim the truth. I’m sure many people have never heard of Full Preterism but maybe it will come across your plate sometime soon or you will hear about it from someone. This one day conference will introduce you to full Preterism and answer your questions about Eschatology and the Last days at No Cost to You, just your time.


It will be live streamed on YOU TUBE, on the page, "Elisha's Bones"