The Best in Contemporary Christian Music

Music is what moves us, a certain song will takes us back to that memory, where sounds and smells come alive as if we just lived it moments before. Worship music takes you into God's presence where he talks to our hearts and fills us with his presence in such a way that changes us from one moment to the next. Being with that one person we love the most, burns deep inside us the desire to be there face to face.

Each one of these albums are but touch of the Iceberg of what is Christian Music. My Wife and I have collected over 600 albums and yet we missed thousands more. The challenge of course is to put on worship and these powerfull songs of Praise and see if it does not change your moment, hour, and day. Take them with you in the car, and on the road, and avoid the "commercials" of Pandora, and other commercial apps. These are the best of the best and some never lose their power.

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