It's been sevn years since I was first introduced to Full Preterism and my goal has not changedd:
Middleism Eschatology was created to counter the claims of Full Preterism.

1. Not one shred of historical testimony for his second coming in A.D. 70. a. Everything from Church Fathers says its future.
b. Denial of the ECF testimony, consider it “counterfeit”
2. There is no promise of a Second Coming in The Olivet.
a. Parousia has two meaning or usages. Mathew used it one way, Paul in another.
b. Paul used “Epiphaneia” to describe the nature of his coming as a visible manifestation, an event where the kings of Kings is revealed to all.
c. His coming is without signs. / like a thief.
3. He comes to kill the beast and false prophet.
4. He comes with his saints.
5. He comes to rule over the nations with his saints.
6. The Millennial Kingdom begins with Christ ruling over a restored Israel, and he is dwelling in “the City He Loves”.
7. His Coming is to be an appearing of Himself, a revealing of the King of Kings.
a. Christ ascended in a body of flesh and bones.
b. There is no verse that says he “shed” his flesh and bone body after his ascension.
8. He cannot “die again.”
c. Christ exist in heaven in Bodily form.
9. He never returned to “spirit” form or did his Resurrected body dissolve or burn up in a glory cloud.
10. Returning to the glory he had with his father has nothing to with his nature or being “invisible” – Spirit form.
11. Timing does not dictate the nature.

C. Resurrection of the Dead -They deny Bodily Resurrection.
1. Resurrection is of “nekron standing again.”
a. The same body they lived in is what is raised out of the tomb.
b. Those who are alive are changed, they become immortal and imperishable.
2 It is the redemption of the Body.
3 It is the change of the lowly body to become like his glorious body.

D. Millennial Reign – 1000 Years -They argue for a 40-year Mill from 33 -70.
1. Follows the Second Coming.
2. Literal set time.

E. Great White Throne Judgement- Spiritually fulfilled, no future judgment.
1.. ALL the dead / Bodily Resurrection of just and unjust.
2. Final Judgment.
a. Last judgment of last man / no man to follow after.

F. New Heaven and Earth – Arrived in A.D. 70.
1. Earth is remade like new NOT destroyed then recreated.

Where I am at today.

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This was my first video from 3 years ago.