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A Response to “Understanding, the Basics of “The Last Days” by Steven Baisden

Stephen Whitsett M.Div. Th.M.12/29/2021

For over 2000 years the Bible has weathered countless attacks against it “inspired” inception. People have claimed it “contains” the word of God, meaning you have to look through it to separate God’s divinely inspired thoughts and the confused thoughts of men who thought Jesus could walk on water (Bultman) or the words have a “spiritually” meaning which is the real point, not the literal words. Then there are those who by Faith hold to the position that the entire Word of God was inspired by the Holy Spirit who used fallible men to communicate His infallible words. While any one person can read the Bible and come to a knowledge of salvation the deeper theological and doctrinal “truths’ are derived by study and learning such as the “Doctrine of the Incarnation.” The church in those early years wrestled with each other over the meaning of scriptures and As time has passed the words of uneducated men have fallen to the wayside who had claimed to understand these inspired words but alas failed miserably because of a lack of education. One may study the bible for thirty years and still lack education.. Read More....

The Pied Piper in Sheep’s Clothing


Dear Daniel Rogers,

Thank you for sharing your journey of faith through your blogs, Paradigm Change. It takes courage to bear your soul as it makes you vulnerable to attacks from “ignorant” men who sit in judgment of others as if it is their God given gift. Now I did not feel compelled in some way to respond to your posts or in some way do I want to “discredit” your journey, so I thought I would share with you a different experience or world view with a specific theme in mind. What was commonly expressed in your Blog as well as in Dallas Burdette’s, piece, Pilgrimage of Faith, is the common idea of traditions you were raised in that you now see as “unbiblical.” The issues of communion, musical instruments and so forth that are inherent in the Churches of Christ. This “spirit” is what I would address. Dallas quoted from Leroy Garrett, “What kind of a Book is the Bible? People tire of our equating our understanding of the word of God with the word of God itself. This is to say that we must distinguish between revelation and interpretation. Revelation is what God has given us in scripture. Interpretation is what we conclude the scriptures to mean. One is divine, the other human.. Read More....

A Futurist Response to Don K. Preston’s “ Two Priesthoods Israel’s Feast Days and the Passing of the Law of Moses”

Aug 17, 2021

Recently I was reminded that communication is as effective as the listeners ability to comprehend the message given. Having published several refutations of Preston’s books and paying close attention to the on-going written debate between Don Preston and Ed Stevens the later statement is quite apropos. Preston so far has refused to engage any proposition that I have put forth electing instead to engage “enemies” he believes he can win over. Preston functions his arguments based on several presuppositions, baseless assertions, and highly speculative reasoning. Having never been able to prove his stated foundational principle of a “second appearing of Christ in AD 70” from a historical point of view, he claims fulfillment based on the predicate that Jesus never lied or could lie. Therefore, scriptures that do not support his views are reinterpreted yet any first-year bible student has the ability to shred his interpretive assertions into kindling where one can “roast” his whole position in a simple backyard barbecue.. Read More....

An Answer for the Full Preterist Denial of Physical Bodily Resurrection.

March 14, 2021

ABSTRACT: William Bell, John Watson, and Don Preston, like many other full Preterist (FP) argues that the bible never speaks of a physical bodily resurrection and makes the claim no scripture teaches a physical resurrection of the saints. The denial is based in the idea that if the resurrection of the dead took place in AD 70 at the “coming of the Lord” then because there was no witness to a literal resurrection, but it did happen, then the Resurrection of the dead is a spiritual event not to be witnessed in the physical realm. This paper will trace the Resurrection theme from the Old Testament to demonstrate from the gospels that a bodily physical resurrection is the Biblical understanding of the first century church as Paul taught in his epistles. The claim made by many Full Preterist such as John Watson of the Highlands Church of Christ in Indianapolis, IN says there is no scripture that teaches a physical bodily resurrection. The church has held to the physical bodily resurrection of the saints for two thousand years as derived from their understanding of scriptures. The question needs to be asked; if both are reading the same scriptures how do the FP arrive at a different conclusion?. Read More....

How does Michael Miano “Replace the Resurrection”?

February 26, 2021

ABSTRACT: I asked the question to Michael Miano? Why did the Early Church Fathers all teach a physical, bodily, Resurrection? His response, “I generally agree with Mr. Whitsett” – that the early church father all taught a physical, bodily resurrection. “I would agree that the church fathers were smarter and closer to the original context” – but he also believes they were prone to error. What Mr. Miano forgets about these ECF, they included the Apostles John (died 96-98 AD), Barnabas, then Clement, Ignatius, Polycarp and Papias as the men who lived through the events of AD 70 in different Roman city states. If the Resurrection took place, along with the Millennium,[1] the Great White Throne Judgment, and the arrival of the New Heaven and Earth we would expect to hear of some declaration that these were fulfilled. Unfortunately for the FP we have the opposite declaration being made, not silence. In this they were all united that the second coming was still future, they lived through these events and not one person ever declared anything close to the claims of FP fulfillment. So how do these men of great faith become prone to error as Miano claims? Can we not simply read their works to verify such claims made by FP? When the Full Preterist attempts to explain their views, historical facts have to be reconstructed to fit the fulfilled narrative. Instead of examining ever prophecy of the OT to understand how it was all fulfilled they simply declare it was fulfilled base on Math 5:17, 18. . Read More....