Elisha's Bones Publishing

The Mission

Elisha's Bones exists to help beginning writters with critical help in getting their first work self published through Amazon Kindle. The main goal is to get a manuscript print ready in several formats and ready for presentation to Literary agents and mass market firms.

We are looking for Christian writers in non-fiction and fiction stories.

Editing / Proofreading /

We offer a professional Graphic Artist to design your book cover.

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Author maintains all rights and control of copyright and publishing. We offer no support for promotion or placement in large Book chain stores.

Services Offered:

Reading manuscript: FREE

One Page analysis/written Critic: $10.00 for every hundred pages

Book Editing/Proof Reading: starting at $15.00 for every Hundred pages

Book Formatting: $40.00

Ready for Publishing through Amazon Kindle

No Royalties accepted, it is your work you reap the benefits, we are just simply a preperation service. The author is free to solicit literary agent repesentation or publishing copmany to mass market and production.