Pro-Life Evangelicals and Joe Biden

An article appeared in the “Christian Post” where evangelicals stated their case in supporting the candidacy of Joe Biden and several names were used for endorsements.  While “who” endorses a position does not automatically or inherently make such a position a correct one as history bears out this truth, they...Read more

Being a Christian, Politically speaking.

Being a Christian does not mean I stick my head in the sand and ignore what goes on around me. There is a certain sense in which we are tempted to appease the other side by avoiding confrontation and many wish that I would “shut up” for various reasons but...Read more

Trent Parrott and the “Fallen Asleep”

Trent Parrott asked… Bryan Stokes There is one church father, there were apostles and disciples but, no church fathers. The idea that futurists would call them church fathers should tell you that your understanding of scripture is faulty. None of those men were inspired, therefore not guided in all truth...Read more

Dear Don Preston and Dr. Dallas Burdette

The FP must demand evangelism must continue and the word "healing" demands it means "salvation" since they believe that the New Heaven and Earth has arrived and we are living in it, and people are being saved, yet the contradiction is in claiming that “death” is no more or that the curse is no more when both continue to plague this world on every level.

Bill Dolack’ Trying to Refute “time text.”

Scrolling through FACEBOOK I came upon the link to Don Preston’s page, where Bill Dolack seeks to “refute” my time statements. After reading over his refutations its apparent to me that Bill lacks certain skills when it comes to Greek and Greek grammar. What Bill does not tell you...Read more