They Claim it Happened

They Claim it Happened

The claims made by Full Preterists (FP) center on time statements and accuse the futurist of twisting or manipulating time text to arrive at their futuristic paradigm. In opposition the futurist considers what scriptures teach on the nature of these two main events: the second coming and the resurrection of the dead.

Severe Problems with Preterist Theology

Stephen Whitsett has earned two master’s degrees: Th.M. M.Div. and currently working on his PhD in Theology with studies in Greek, Hebrew, and German languages. He has been a youth pastor for over twenty years and a senior pastor for several more. He has been exposing the Full Preterism paradigm and all its forms (including Rational Preterism) as the fraud it is for now seven years.

The Problem with Hyper Prets

I have had now for almost two years a challenge to any group of Hyper Prets to put their money where their mouths are and not one have stepped up to my offer for a public debate, and yet individually claim “lets debate”.

Pro-Life Evangelicals and Joe Biden

An article appeared in the “Christian Post” where evangelicals stated their case in supporting the candidacy of Joe Biden and several names were used for endorsements.  While “who” endorses a position does not automatically or inherently make such a position a correct one as history bears out this truth, they...Read more

Being a Christian, Politically speaking.

Being a Christian does not mean I stick my head in the sand and ignore what goes on around me. There is a certain sense in which we are tempted to appease the other side by avoiding confrontation and many wish that I would “shut up” for various reasons but...Read more

Trent Parrott and the “Fallen Asleep”

Trent Parrott asked… Bryan Stokes There is one church father, there were apostles and disciples but, no church fathers. The idea that futurists would call them church fathers should tell you that your understanding of scripture is faulty. None of those men were inspired, therefore not guided in all truth...Read more