I “is” Educated.

       Granted we all make mistakes, typos, and false conclusions where presuppositions and assumptions can color our perspectives, but an education is paramount in overcoming these obstacles in learning.
       OUR Perspectives is formed by the influences around us. For Miano, he learned his Preterist perspective from Alan Bondar, if it had been a “Futurist” that had first led him to the Lord, the odds of him becoming a Preterists would be slim. Our perspective is how we see things from a particular view, how we see the world around us. The old adage of the glass half full is a very real thing. Some people cannot accept that the glass is also half empty and getting them to see that, is near to impossible. This perspective is also influenced by the level of education we have and our innate ability to comprehend.
        I am not a mathematician, quantum physics is so beyond me I have no choice but to trust the experts, I have no right to speak or teach anything about it and to read a book about it at the Holiday Inn is not going to make me an expert. The same thing goes for heart surgery or as a lawyer, I am simply not qualified. If I need a lawyer I’m going to go to the most educated one to help and if I need a heart doctor I’m going to a board-certified heart surgeon not a first-year med student. 
   So why do first year med students think they can perform heart surgery?
          So far I have not met one really educated Preterists, meaning not one actually has an earned post graduate degree in Theology, let alone an undergraduate B.A. degree from an accredited seminary. Most can not even tell me the difference between a “liberal” college and a conservative one, or what the difference is between an accredited school verses unaccredited one. We all ready know that most preterists reject education and follow the mantra, “The disciples didn’t have one”, yet ignore that Paul, who wrote a majority of the New Testament, was a well-educated Pharisee, having memorized the whole Pentateuch as a young child. They trust in a “Berean” style learning that rejected education since it’s just “repeating what some tells you to believe”, which is often the most extreme type of ignorance to perpetuate.
            The world of scholarship is a system of checks and balances, to learn from past mistakes, and to help each other learn without reinventing the wheel. (precedent)
         They also claim to understand what exegesis is, yet every example they provide of what they understand is Exegesis, is a major failure, because they have never been trained in how to apply the rules of hermeneutics so when asked to explain the rules they are completely dumbfounded. They lack in understanding Greek, let alone English grammar, or Hebrew and yet fail to realize in seminary you learn Greek and Hebrew, the rules of hermeneutics, the proper way to conduct exegesis, Church History, what the early church believed and did, Systematic Theology and so much more. There is no conservative college that forces you to regurgitate what they demand you accept as the truth. When challenged with a new thought, preterists can’t even deviate from their “Time” script long enough to engage what the other person is actually saying. Responses to this Blog will prove that.
              Do you need to go to seminary to learn all these things? NO, but it will take you years and years to learn what one student covers in one year, so why the difference? A seminary streamlines the process so that you do not have to weed through a bunch of unnecessary work, and they provide the guidance to keep you on track, meaning this; They teach you the foundation of how to study correctly, apply the rules of Hermeneutics, to do research, the Biblical language so that you can properly do exegesis. When a preterists accepts the foundation as learned by other preterist they perpetuate the very same errors” over and over again, BECAUSE they never get another perspective taught to them. Being a former “futurists” doesn’t qualify you as an expert of Dispensationalism or even in “systematic Theology”. Seminaries teach you to recognize and see other perspectives, to learn your view as well as other views, otherwise they become stuck like a record with a scratch in it. The needle never moves ahead but continues to repeat the same old line over and over again.
“The bible was not written to us, we’re reading someone elses mail”.
“Timing dictates the Nature”
“ All things fulfilled.”
“It’s the only ‘consistent’ view”.
“I use to be a futurist just like you”
IF we learn the wrong way to interpret the Bible, everything that we learn from that point forward will be in error. Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Christian Science, and even Seventh Day Adventist, Universalist, and Modalists, are all sitting in the same boat. Preterists are no different. The system of interpretation that they have learned is simply flawed.
It can be demonstrated in any doctrine they profess, because they all contain inconsistencies, they are incoherent, and illogical. “Timing dictates the nature” is a perfect example of one of the biggest failures invented by Don Preston.
Miano bought into Covenant Creation, where Genesis is not about the creation of the world, but the creation of the first covenant with a man, that the death of Adam was spiritual, and yet he has become more knowledgeable according to Michael Bradley, and he is going to mop up the floor with Joel Sexton. How is Miano becoming more knowledgeable? When he is using the same flawed Hermeneutic in all his studies.
Let’s be honest, any preterist debate with a futurist is not over the actual argument presented, but over the rightness of one’s method of interpretation. Now I can show two thousand years of scholarship that denies every premise of Preterism except one, Jerusalem was destroyed according to the Prophecy of Christ in the Olivet.” After that, they absolutely get nothing else correct and because they renounce Orthodox Christianity, every one of them are allowed to make up their own “creed” and views because they have nothing that unifies them with each other let alone historic Christianity, and they actually take pride in that disunity as if that what God intended since “I” have the right version, (progressive Preterism vs Evangelical Preterism) and every other version is wrong. IBV verses CBV people are up in arms with each other instead or realizing the same flawed hermeneutic that created CBV is the same one that created Preterism in the first place.
“The Bible is to be read spiritually, and not woodenly like futurists.”, but they can’t even prove, let alone explain why it’s correct to read the Bible “spiritually” over “literally”.
I’ve gotten to the point there are so many stupid things being said I can’t answer every one of them.

So what makes my Brand of truth more right?

When we compare beliefs among Preterists there might be very few details that they agree upon, still the more people who agree on a single “truth”, the more validity is given to it to be true by those who believe in the system. Minorities like IO is rejected because any Preterist can tell you where it becomes “inconsistent” and “incoherent” and the logic fails. Yet those IO people are now sticking together no matter HOW many FP are telling them they are wrong. The IO simply cant see how they are manipulating scriptures to support their view.

The futurist are sitting back telling the full Preterists, in a collective of full agreement with no hesitation or division that FP is as corrupted as any cult on earth, but they wont listen. Instead they take pride that they don’t follow the crowds of futurism, no matter how overwhelmed they are by Biblical scholarship.  IO take the same pride, and does the exact same thing that FP do toward futurists. No matter how many FP declare IO inconsistent, incoherent, and illogical they dig their heels in deeper and anti up.

When a Christian witness to the events of AD 70, when an “apostle” who lived through the AD 70 events tells the church, hey, the second coming is future, the preterists doubles down and declares “John” and “Barnabas” liars or go to great lengths to explain why their letters to the church are fakes. (Even though for almost a hundred years after A.D. 70 the Epistle of Barnabas was considered as inspired as “Romans” by some and was almost included into the Cannon.) Yet the same scholarship that determined John wrote the book of Revelation is too stupid to recognize “The Epistle of Barnabas” is a fake. They same ones who produced the 66 book of our new Testament Cannon were to stupid to know he came in A.D 70. The same ones who articulated the “Doctrine of the Trinity” and “Incarnation” against heretics were to stupid to know Jesus returned in A.D. 70.

and they don’t see that is as inconsistent as IO changing the meaning of the word “gentiles”. The really dumb part, preterist keep falling for IO, because they are being convinced of the lie perpetuated by IO. Preterists perpetuate the lie created by Max King and company, and being perpetuated by Preston, Bell, Stevens, and Miano even though these four are starting to divide.

Preston was corrected at Criswell college but do you think he “changed his mind”?

 Stephen Whitsett M.Div.