DKP – #177 MM – The Atonement and “Biological Death”

Dear Mr. Preston, (who has me blocked for obvious reasons)

It is not my goal to counter every Morning Musing presented by Don Preston but when he is caught in a contradiction, I just can’t help myself.

You have stated that if the person gets wrong the death of Adam then all that follows is wrong, well my friend all that follows is wrong when you argued that Theologians have not been able to figure out the conundrum of how he could have died to atone for Physical death and, yet, people still die, if Biological death is the death of Adam then Christ died to remove that penalty for sin and no one should have to physically die.

Your problem is Don : You’re not making the distinction between the punishment of death and the consequences of their sin in which ALL people now become mortal and turn to dust. They do not turn to dust as their punishment for sinning. People do not die for the same reason Adam was to do die “on that day” – people are to die for their own sin, not for Adams.

In your presentation you made a revealing statement. You acknowledge the death of the animals in Genesis 3:21 “that prevented the physical death” of Adam and Eve”. (point 1.56-59 sec). – what you are saying is……

The sin of Adam was to result in physical death, “on that day”, it was the “animal sacrifice” that prevented that death from happening. As the animals who were killed was an act of atonement, they died in Adams place, (with out the shedding of blood, there is no remission for sin. (Or forgiveness of sin). Adam and Eve could not have been forgiven of their sin without the atoning sacrifice.

In essence you have admitted that the animals killed prevented from God killing them then the death God threatened them with was physical/biological death, the ending of their lives.

In your book you state, “Christ took on him the penalty of sin” which we know is physical death, being killed as a “penalty” for committing a crime, breaking the law. “He died to make atonement”

“atonement is the substitutionary (physical) death for sin”. IE shedding of blood.

You go on, “so that those in him would not have to pay the penalty of sin”, so if the penalty of sin is “physical death” then the “goat’ bore the penalty for sin, being killed in the place of the person who was guilty of breaking the law.

Those in Christ do not have to pay the penalty of sin – since they received the atonement for sin. (DKP) – Correct, they do not die “on that day”, because Christ died for us on that day.

“therefore, those in Christ do not have to [Physically] die” (DKP) then you argue what you call logically,  that is Christ died for physical death then no person should have to physically die since Christ died so that people would not have to.  Because every man still physically dies, You argue then the atoning work was not for physical death. You conclude “therefore either the focus of Christ atoning was not physical death or Christ atoning death is totally ineffective”

IF atonement can only be accomplished by the shedding of blood, then the person is under judgment to die physically, shed his blood, in order to pay the penalty for his or her sin.

What you fail to understand theologically is very simple:

The penalty for sin is physical death, Christ, by dying a physical death, died in our place so that when we sin we do not instantly die for that sin, as the punishment for sin enacted requires death “on that day” the sin was committed. Not years later. Physical death IS the Punishment for sin, the death Adam was threatened with, for sin, by God saying “on that day”.

IN the pronouncement of the curse God stated as a consequence of their sin, they were now mortal, subject to a biological death.

“Dust to Dust” is the curse of sin passed on to every man and was not the punishment for sin, but the consequences of sin. Because of one man’s sin, death passed on to all men, all men turn to dust after the biologically die. Physical death, by returning to dust, which means becoming mortal and perishable, is not a penalty as a penalty is carried out “in that day” before a person naturally dies of old age. Turning to dust then is a pronouncement of the consequences for sin.

No one who on their death bed at 101 years old says he is dying for his sins, he is dying because all men turn to dust.
The death penalty for sin, and “turning to dust” are both physical/biological  death, it is not the death for the same reason. Growing old and becoming mortal was not the penalty for sin but the consequences.

Genesis 3: 17 And to Adam he said, “Because you have listened to the voice of your wife

The words “Because you have”, demonstrates a cause and effect. What follows is the result of the previous actions. We call that logically, a consequence. a result or effect of an action or condition. – Because you have sinned….

a Penalty, is a punishment imposed for breaking a law, rule, or contract.

Bearing the “Guilt” of sin is the relational death experienced by sin. Being guilty brings condemnation which results in judgment and loss of relationship with Christ. As log as one remains under condemnation “bearing the guilt his own sin” relationship is lost, until the act of forgiveness is enacted upon the shedding of blood. With out the shedding of blood there can be no forgiveness of sin. BUT as I said if the person dies physically on the day he ate, then there can be no atonement since he died for his own sin. It is God’s mercy that postpones that punishment to another day, the day Christ died. Because the animals died on that day, Forgiveness was given and relationship was restored. But they remained in the cursed state why (retuning to dust)?

Because the curse of mortality was the consequences for their actions just as being kicked out of the garden.

Because of the shedding of blood, we have reconciliation to Christ, the forgiveness of sin and yet our body will still die, not because of sin, but because of the consequences of sin leads to biological death, an act of mercy. Because we can physically die, we can be set free from this body of sin and death, either by Resurrection of the body, or experiencing the change, being transformed from mortal to immortal or perishable to imperishable.
Do you catch the power of that?

(7.27 sec) You and I are going to die biologically, that does not mean we are going to pay the penalty for our sin in biological death, or else we are not forgiven. (DKP)

If forgiveness only comes by the shedding of blood, then Adam and Eve should have died on that day, instead an animal died in their place as you stated at the very beginning of your video.

Biological death, IE growing old and dying is not the penalty of sin, but the consequences of sin. The shedding of HIS blood for us, was HIM paying the penalty for our sin, therefore we get to live, grow old and die in order to be with him.

I tried to make this as easy as possible for the “hearing impaired”.


Rev Stephen Whitsett MDiv (ThM)