And TIME defines NATURE … That’s where every Futurist goes off the rails.

Let’s challenge the logic this statement shall we and see how accurate it is, since Preterist like to use it so much from Don Preston to Jerry Bowers.

In any event or promise of action we have a who, when, where, how, why, and what

Christ Second Appearing/coming:
Who: Jesus himself
Where: To Jerusalem

What: to judge and save

What: Coming back to Earth
When: NO one knows day or hour

How: A visible appearing.

This is the traditional teaching of the church for two thousand years. Where it has been affirmed the second appearing is a bodily/physical appearing based on the fact Christ has a glorious body. But the preterist reject his bodily existence in heaven, and reject a visible appearing, even though Paul says Jesus himself will descend, and appear at his coming (2 Thess 2:8). So Don invented the saying, “Time dictates the nature” which means The Bible says he is coming in A.D. 70 and he did not appear in A.D. 70 therefore his coming must be invisible. Thus, the timing of A.D. 70 demands that his coming is invisible no matter what other verse says he appears.

so let’s examine the logic.

If I say I am coming over to your house a 7:00, then to be honest I come at 7:00.

If is say I’m coming at 7:00 – that is when. But the statement says nothing about how.

Now if I say I’m coming at 7:00 and driving my red car, that states HOW I am coming. That is the nature of my coming and the time.

so in what world does the time I come dictate HOW I am to come? If I say I am coming at 7:00 without telling you how, I could walk, take a plane, drive a bus run, jog, get dropped off, there are many different ways I could come.

So if I say I will come at 7:00 driving my red car, then you will expect me to come at 7:00 and your going to look for my red car to pull up, not a blue one not a green one, because I said a red car. So 7:00 shows up can I come in a blue car can I still be considered to be honest?

now lets go a step further..

If I tell you I will “appear” at your party tonight at 7:00 driving my red car, then at 7:00 o’clock you don’t see me, who in their right mind would say, “He appeared spiritually”, since I’m not a liar? (dispensationalist argue, “well he was delayed” which is equally pathetic)

Now did Paul say Christ would appear at his coming? I Thessalonians 2:8  And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will kill with the breath of his mouth and bring to nothing by the appearance of his coming.

The word “appearing” is the Greek word “epiphaneia” and it means to be made Visible, manifestation. The word is only used 6 times and, in every reference, refer to Christ coming. The “coming” is the word “Parousia” which means “present after being absent”. Not “presence”.

At his Coming he will appear and be present.

So how can, if it was promised that he would appear at his coming and preterist believe that coming was A.D. 70 as the timing, yet no one saw him descend? Therefore, the preterist has to pretend he never promised to appear, since the timing dictates he comes in A.D. 70 it has to be an invisible coming. “thus, timing dictates the nature”, which is shown from the logic above completely insane idea and an unbiblical one. The Bible tells us how he is to come, “In like manner” as in when he was taken up, that he will appear in the same way as in how they saw him go. The key here is they saw him go, they will see him come because he “will appear”. The somewhat honest preterist admits that the word “appear” demands then that he must be seen so the next jump in the hoop is to declare he was seen, “Josephus records seeing clouds, angels, and even Chariots running around in the sky above Jerusalem and so this is his “appearance”. so forgive me when I say this is “Bovine Excrement”.  The angel in Acts 1 promised it was “This Jesus”, who would return. And Paul said, “Jesus Himself will descend, Jesus is not clouds, chariots, or angels. And none of those things came to stand on the mount of Olives.  Zechariah 14 prophesied this coming, “ 4On that day his feet shall stand on the Mount of Olives that lies before Jerusalem on the east, … Then the LORD my God will come, and all the holy ones with him.”

Secondly, John said, “…but we know that when he appears we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is. Preterist argue Personal pronouns so the “we” is John and those living in Asia with him, so how was John who was living in Asia see Chariots, or angels in clouds flying over Jerusalem? Thirdly John being alive in A.D. 70 why do we have no “epistle’ from him that declares He saw him come in A.D. 70, and that he was changed to become immortal and imperishable, in fact why did he die in 98-100 A.D. if he was supposedly changed in 70? The second greatest event in History is the return of Christ and yet not one person, ever, not one Christian, declared they saw him come. So the Preterist lies and say he came invisibly, or that Jesus when he himself descends does not actually descend and appear, chariots, angles, and clouds come in his place.  Answers Preterist do try to provide for their created contradiction is actually very pathetic and demonstrates the great lengths they will go to “twist” scriptures, so who twist the words more?

JP Maxwell, wants to declare that not one futurist ever provided an answer that has convinced him, and he argues that Christ coming was seen because Jesus is clouds, angels, and chariots flouting around in the sky.

How can you convince anyone when they outright choose to believe a lie?

Is it any wonder I have no respect for Preterists Hermeneutics.

Stephen Whitsett M.Div.