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For those who do not know, Preterism is a Heresy, that believes Christ invisibly and secretly came in A.D. 70. All prophecy found in the Olivet and Revelation was fulfilled “spiritually”. They deny the Bodily resurrection of the saints, Christ physical appearance at His second coming, and they deny a Bodily Resurrection of the saints as outlined in I Corinthians 15. It does not matter what else they present or argue such as  timing statements  (Mathew 24:34 Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.) it is the same way the father of lies whispered in Eve’s ear, again he is whispering his lies and people are believing it.

IF the Olivet contains a promise of a second coming, then “all these things” demands that the second coming must also have happened in the generation or Christ is a liar. OR “son of man coming on clouds” is not a promise of a second coming (Dan 7:13 what kind of coming is being described?)

The difficulty in refuting Preterism is that is does sound Christian but they pour new meanings into words that You and I would never accept. Such as the “resurrection of the dead”, for them it is not dead bodies coming out of the grave but the “spirit” being raised out of Hades, as just one example. Now as I plainly stated such simplistic error,  no one would buy into preterism but this is not how they will approach you. They repackage it in a challenge; was Jesus lying when he said all things would be fulfilled in that Generation? The answer is no, your problem is he never promised a second coming in that generation. so all things were fulfilled from the Olivet in that generation.

Eschatology is not a “must be perfect” doctrine in order to be saved but touches on many other essential doctrines, Atonement, sanctification, and regeneration, justification. I have created a page to discuss these issues here here .

This BLOG is created to oppose and expose the Preterist paradigm on every level. These apologetic pieces attack the inconsistency found in the Preterists Eschatology and cover; The Second Coming, the Resurrection of the Dead, The Rapture, The Millennium, Great White Throne judgment, and the New Heaven and Earth. It also answer many of the lessor problems such as; who is the Beast, Binding of Satan, What Passed away, what does “All Things fulfilled” actually means. I created this page to discuss Preterism failures.

I first heard about Preterism five years ago and in my opening discussion discovered I did not know enough to accurately counter the claims so I dived into every study and book on Eschatology. The purpose of attending seminary was to properly understand the correct way to interpret the Bible, how to correctly apply logic and reasoning, which included two years in study of Greek, Hebrew, and theological German.  After five years of debate with countless Preterists, current and former, and with the leading members of the Movement, the glaring theological mistakes are two numerous to count when one is properly trained in systematic theology. the problem is most people are not so they make a convincing argument and people are swept in.

Preterism thrived at first on the internet in groups and now spreading to institutions (PCU) and it must be given an answer for as many theologians have and are.

What I present to you is nothing “new” as the Early Church Fathers believed the same, I am a Post-Trib – Pre-Mill Futurist .




I am originally from Omaha, NE and attended seminary in the fall 1980. After 16 years in youth ministry in Southern California. I was married in 1987 and I have two daughters.  I graduated in ‘96 and ordained in ’97 from LIFE Pacific College. After serving as an associate Pastor for several years in several different churches, I accepted the senior pastor’s position in Fremont, NE in 2003, where I Pastored for the next three years. My wife took ill in 2000 and I  returned to civilian life for her care. In 2013 he returned to school and earned his M.Div. from Grand Canyon University, and then followed up with his M.Th. from Regent University and is scheduled to graduate in the fall of 2018 with the goal of moving to Dallas and a  formal teaching position with a return to Pastoring in a supportive role.

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