Stephen Whitsett BA
Giving an orthodox apologetic answer for Preterism / Dispensationalism
William Bell was one of the original speakers on The Living Presence Annual Seminars in Warren, OH hosted by Max R. King and the Parkman Road church of Christ. Before leaving the event in 1996, it had attracted students from around the world, including world renown scholars.
William is the author of four published books, Eschatology in Galatians, The ReExamination, A Review of William Jones’ Review of the AD70 Theory, Will Planet Earth Be Destroyed? and Living in Eternity. Other titles can be found on Amazon.com as Kindle books including “Have You Spoken In Tongues, When Was the Law of Moses Fulfilled?, and Zionism, the Wolf in Judaism’s Clothing. In the late 1980’s he wrote a series of popular tracts that were distributed throughout the country and abroad. Currently, he has completed a book on The Kingdom-Temple and 1 Corinthians 15, and, In Like Manner, a study of Acts 1:11 Open in Logos Bible Software (if available), to help believers struggling with their studies on the harmony of that text with Christ’s first century parousia.
He received his B.A. in Bible studies in 1981 from the Memphis School of Preaching, and his Masters of Theology, from Christian Bible College & Seminary in 2006.
Ken Dahl while professing to be a "preterist" believer has actually transcended his need for ancient documents written by man (the Bible) and has come to fully "realize" God in a new age understanding that removes the gospel message.
Tony began his journey as a 4th generation member of the Churches of Christ. He has been a full-time minister since 1981 and attended two years of college during his early ministry focusing primarily on courses to aid in his work: public speaking, communications, and writing. In 1982 he began to be modestly supported to preach, and, as he became known in the Churches of Christ things snowballed from there. Besides holding numerous meetings from coast to coast, since 1983 he has worked to help spiritually/numerically build up ten COC congregations around the United States.
He has authored numerous articles published in The Christian’s Expositor, The Christian Informer, and The Old Paths Advocate. He has had two public/oral debates and has maintained a website (ASiteForTheLord) since 2000 on which some of his writings (and PowerPoint presentations) may be found. In 1985, during an in-depth study of Matthew 24, Tony began his slow trek toward preterism. Since then he spent six years doing an in-depth study on the book of Hebrews, creating 37 studies through that New Testament letter and publishing them in a book, titled: Hebrews: From Flawed to Flawless – Fulfilled! In 2012 he created/started a Preterist-Networking Registry. As of January 2014, he and his family live in the Phoenix, AZ, area.
Authors of "A House Divided"
David Green

Michael Sullivan

Edward Hassett
Kurt Simmons is the moderator and author for Preterist Central, a full preterist/bi-millennial website dedicated to the advancement of fulfilled eschatology. He is the author of “Adumbrations: The Kingdom & Coming of Christ in the Book of Daniel,” “The Consummation of the Ages: Commentary on Revelation,” “The Road Back to Preterism” (a 32 page soft cover booklet), and he is the co-author with Michael A. Fenemore of the book “Twighlight of Postmillennialism: Fatal Errors in the Teachings of Keith A. Matthison, Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr. Et Al.” Kurt hosted the 2007 and 2008 Carlsbad Eschatology Conferences in New Mexico and is an avid lecturer, writer, and minister. He holds a Juris Doctorate and is a licensed attorney.
Ed Stevens is the founder and President of the “International Preterist Association,” (www.preterist.org). The IPA’s primary purpose is to distribute information and media, to hold and participate in conferences and seminars, and to educate the world about the Fulfilled Gospel message of Preterism and New Covenant Theology. Ed has spoken in many conferences and seminars and has written hundreds of articles, he maintains a blog, and he is a regular speaker on Preterist Radio. Ed’s primary contributions in the field of eschatology include his incredible knowledge and record keeping of early church events, especially those prior to the first century, and he has written one book, and is currently working on another.