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Gary DeMar is an American writer, lecturer and the president of American Vision, an American Christian nonprofit organization. The think-tank has a vision of "an America that recognizes the sovereignty of God over all of life and where Christians are engaged in every facet of society." DeMar resides in Marietta, Georgia with his wife Carol. They have two grown sons. DeMar is a member of Midway Presbyterian Church, affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America. DeMar graduated from Western Michigan University in 1973 and earned a M.Div. from Reformed Theological Seminary in 1979. He earned his Ph.D. in Christian Intellectual History from Whitefield Theological Seminary in 2007. DeMar began working at American Vision in 1981 as a research analyst. In 1986 he became the president of the organization. DeMar is the author of 25 books. Beginning on June 3, 2006, DeMar began hosting "The Gary DeMar Show," a radio program airing live from Atlanta, every Saturday at noon ET."[3] The Gary DeMar Show" now is available as a podcast every weekday for 10 minutes and as a video-cast on YouTube.[4]

Along with his work at American Vision, Gary DeMar is a contributor to the political websites Godfather Politics and Political Outcast
Larry Siegle has invested more than 30 years of his life in ministry–preaching, teaching, broadcasting and writing. He attended Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver (1986-87) later graduating from Memphis School of Preaching (1989-91), and serving with Churches of Christ in eight states (CO, KS, MO, TN, AR, MS, SC, CA).
From 1993-99 Larry Siegle was a featured speaker for the annual Covenant Eschatology seminar in Warren, OH and more recently has been invited to participate in the Preterist Pilgrim Weekend series (2006-08) sponsored by the Preterist Research Institute of Ardmore, OK.
Larry Siegle lives in Antioch, CA where he now works in the private sector for a successful commercial Real Estate holding company and actively serves the community as a sworn Police Officer (Deputy Sheriff Reserve). Larry Siegle is the father of three (April, Allen, and Jennifer) and has four beautiful grandchildren (Destiny, Kaitlyn, Austin and Kailene).
Larry Siegle can be reached at larry.siegle@comcast.net.
Joel McDurmon, Ph.D., is president of American Vision and has authored over a dozen books including: Restoring America One County at a Time; The Bible & War in America; Biblical Logic in Theory and Practice; God versus Socialism; The Return of the Village Atheist; and Jesus v. Jerusalem. Dr. McDurmon is also featured in several audio and video lectures on various topics of economics, apologetics, and church history. He has served with American Vision since 2008. Joel and his wife have four sons and one daughter.
Jeff Vaughn, with Tim Martin, is the coauthor of Beyond Creation Science and one of the developers of Covenant Creation. Covenant Creation (Genesis 1 creation is the creation of God’s covenant with Adam) follows from Covenant Eschatology and focuses on origins and first things (beginnings) as it relates to preterism and last things. Jeff has spoken at TruthVoice Conference and at the Covenant Creation Conferences. Dr. Vaughn is a research mathematician and mathematical physicist. He is married to his college sweetheart Karen, of more than 30 years. They live in southern California and have 5 grown children. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Math, a minor in Physics, and a Master of Arts in Applied Math. He also holds a Ph.D. in Nonlinear Adaptive Signal Processing. Jeff’s hobbies are as a fire-arms instructor, and he is a pilot.
John Noe (pronounced “No-ee”) is president of the Prophecy Reformation Institute, a conservative, evangelical scholar, and a member of the Evangelical Theological Society. He holds an earned Ph.D. in Theology from Trinity Theological Seminary and the University of Liverpool (“With Distinction”). He’s the author of seven trade-published books: The Perfect Ending for the World, Hell Yes / Hell No, Off Target, The Greater Jesus, Unraveling the End, People Power, and Peak Performance Principles for High Achievers. John is also a screenwriter, an award-winning entrepreneur, and a past 20-year member of the National Speakers Association. He’s been featured on numerous TV and radio programs including CNN’s Larry King Live and CBN’s 700 Club, has climbed mountains around the world, and lives in Indianapolis with his wife, Cindy, a former 11-year state representative. They have two grown children and thirteen grandchildren.