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Giving an orthodox apologetic answer for Preterism / Dispensationalism
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Don K. Preston is a former Church of Christ minister, author, speaker, and debater. His father was also an evangelist in the Church of Christ. and author of covenant eschatology. His books include Who is this Babylon?, A Study of Revelation. Preston was born in Arkansas. Preston is a 1968 graduate of Elkins High School outside Fayetteville, Arkansas and a 1975 graduate of the Northside School of Preaching Seminary at Harrison, Arkansas. Preston has been in public speaking since age 13. He was named among the Jaycees' "Outstanding Young Men of America" in 1980.
Preston's preaching ministry spans 31 years in only two different cities: Shawnee, Oklahoma and Ardmore, Oklahoma. He worked for seven years helping produce a Christian magazine style television program which received national recognition in the magazine Christianity Today.
Don has served as minister for the Ardmore church of Christ, 2712 Washington Rd, since 1990, but has recently resigned in order to devote himself full-time to research writing, seminars and debates. http://www.bibleprophecy.com
Max R. King (born 1930) is the founder of the school of thought known as transmillennialism. King was a minister in the Churches of Christ for 40 years before developing transmillennialism.
King created a field of theology that he termed "covenant eschatology". He contended that Biblical eschatology was not related to the end of the space-time universe, but to the transition of the Old Covenant to the New Covenant. King offered a unique interpretation concerning the millennium as found in Revelation 20 as pertaining to the forty year period from 30-70 AD. He called this time "the transition period" from Old Covenant to New Covenant. In King's view, this transition opened the way for the full presence of God to dwell with all of humanity. To describe this relationship, King coined the phrase "Comprehensive Grace".
King's transmillennialism emerged in the late 1990s as an alternative to dispensational premillennialism, amillennialism or postmillennialism. It differentiated itself from Reformed preterism and Christian reconstructionism in view of postmodern issues facing the emerging church and the need to forward its scholarship in the context of historical Jesus studies. In King's view, the covenantal transformation of the first century serves as a model for personal, organizational and societal transformation today. King's first major book, The Spirit of Prophecy, was published in 1971. He published a monthly print journal, The Living Presence, for 15 years; it is currently available in electronic format. King's annual "Covenant Eschatology Seminar" spanned the 1990s and continues today as the "Transmillennial" national conference. Some of King's other major works include Old Covenant Israel and New Covenant Salvation and The Cross and The Parousia of Christ.
King lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. His organization is Presence International.
This short list is based on some of those who I have had dialogue with and some who have blocked me. I found some of these men condescending yet gracious in their responses with me personally while being firm and in no way do I seek to seek to ridicule or tarnish their reputation as men who do seek after truth, even though I respectfully disagree with what they teach as "eschatology".
Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., Th.D. is a conservative and Reformed pastor, writer, and conference speaker.

Gentry He holds the B.A. degree in Biblical Studies from Tennessee Temple University; an M.Div. in Pastoral Ministry from Reformed Theological Seminary (Jackson, MS); and the Th.M. and Th.D. degrees in New Testament from Whitefield Theological Seminary.
He is married (since 1971) and has three children and five grandchildren. He is an ordained minister in the Reformed Presbyterian Church, General Assembly (www.rpcga.us) and co-pastors Living Hope Presbyterian Church in Greer, SC (www.LivingHopeSC.com).
While at Reformed Theological Seminary he studied under Greg L. Bahnsen (1948–95), the leading presuppositional apologist of his day, and an important Reformed theologian. Though Gentry initially resisted the distinctive ethical and eschatological views of Bahnsen, he was eventually persuaded of Bahnsen and me cropped both theonomic ethics and postmillennial eschatology and became a staunch co-defender of them with Bahnsen. Over the years he developed a close friendship with Bahnsen, often lecturing with him in conferences, co-writing a book with him (House Divided: The Break-up of Dispensational Theology), eventually joining the staff of Bahnsen’s Southern California Center for Christian Studies, contributing to the festschrift in honor of Bahnsen, titled: The Standard Bearer, and finally pastoring Bahnsen’s church after Bahnsen’s untimely death.
Ken has written or contributed to over thirty books on a wide variety of theological, biblical, and ethical issues. He is best known for his views on eschatology and has written a major presentation and defense of postmillennialism: his 600+ page He Shall Have Dominion: A Postmillennial Eschatology. It has become a standard and widely-cited text on postmillennialism, and is now in its third edition and has been in print for over twenty years.
Michael Miano is the Pastor of Blue Point Bible Church, in Long Island, New York. He is a street evangelist, and also the director of the missional church network, The Freaked Out Movement. Michael also authored the book, Freaked Out by the New Covenant in 2012. As a former gang member turned radical Christian, Miano has been a church planter and church leader since 2007. He completed seminary courses through Cordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and is currently continuing his education through Fulfilled Covenant Christian Leaders Institute. Michael is also a delegate for the Christian Peacemaker Teams (Palestine). Michael is also a host on the internet radio program, Miano Gone Wild, on Blogtalk Radio. He has participated in debates regarding Biblical eschatology and the annihilationist position of “hell.” Michael is the Lead Organizer behind various calls to “church reform” – Reformation NOW, Long Island’s Next Big Thing, and ChristHASCome.org