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Giving an orthodox apologetic answer for Preterism / Dispensationalism
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"Nor will it do to say, as do some who grasp part of the point but have not worked it through, that the events of A.D. 70 were themselves the second coming of Jesus so that ever since then we have been living in God’s new age and there is no further coming to await. This may seem to many readers, as indeed it seems to me, a bizarre position to hold, but there are some who not only hold it but also eagerly propagate it and use some of my arguments to support it. This results from a confusion: if the texts that speak of “the son of man coming on the clouds” refer to A.D. 70, as I have argued that (in part) they do, this doesn’t mean that A.D.  70 was the “second coming” because the “son of man” texts aren’t “second coming” texts at all, despite their frequent misreading that way. They are about Jesus’s vindication. And Jesus’s vindication—in his resurrection, ascension, and judgment on Jerusalem—requires a still further event for everything to be complete. Let me say it emphatically for the sake of those who are confused on the point (and to the amusement, no doubt, of those who are not): the second coming has not yet occurred". N T Wright "Surprised by Hope"

Preterism (past) Is the general understanding that Christ DID return in 70 AD with the Destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. They believe erroneously that all prophecy has been fulfilled and there is no future hope. The Millennium reign, the Great White Throne Judgment, and the New Heaven and Earth have all happened. By changing the nature of these events to justify a past fulfillment of all these things that also changes who Christ is now.

Here's the problem with Preterism;
      Preterism is a fairly new "Eschatology" that says all prophecy is fulfilled we have nothing more to look forward to. Jesus is not coming back because he all ready did in 70AD. So to build a case for Preterism, (past fulfillment of all prophecy) requires a convincing argument. The argument is based on the twisting of the plain meaning of scriptures by claiming "we missed the hidden meaning and proper interpretation for 2000 years as did all church Fathers of the first century".
      Preterism demands a redefining of the nature of each of the events as the church has understood for two thousand years based on Mathew 24 where the future events are foretold by Jesus, who said "all these things will be fulfilled" in "this Generation". Yet History is evidence that the majority of those things did not happen in the way the Preterist has understood they were to happen. The Preterist argument then is because Jesus said it all will happen in "this Generation" therefore it must happen and did happen as he said it would, but obviously we have it all wrong in "how" it happens all these years and that is why we "missed" its fulfillment. We were looking for the wrong things. So therefore Preterist must explain how it all happened even though no one saw or experienced it happening. So by default it demands we are all wrong about the "nature" of how it all happens.
      The church has to prove why "this Generation" did not experience those events as they understood them to happen and so must explain "this Generation" did not mean the first century church. As ALL historical evidence denies any "secret invisible" fulfillment of anything but the literal physical destruction of Jerusalem to fulfill the "days of vengeance"
      This web site exposes all of the mistakes and failures of Preterism "new" interpretation based on inept Greek scholarship, hermeneutics, and interpretation based on assumption and presuppositions. It presents the historical case for the nature of the events as understood for two thousand years, and explains why "this generation" did not mean the first century church.
       In the "Grand Scheme" of everything Preterism is very slow growing view that has just started creeping into main stream Christianity, With well known public figures as John MacArthur, RC Sproul, and Hank Hanegraf that bring awareness it is becoming more influential and received. Colleges and seminaries have been slow on the up take and the response of many is "we teach the truth all people need to do is hear what we say, hear what they say, and decide for themselves. The Art of Apologetics is being able to address the direct responses and challenges of Preterist against "Futurist" or people who believe the second coming IS for the future.
     The more "air" time these views get the more they grow but not necessarily accepted.
      One of the added features is a Bible that is written from the "full Preterists" perspective in which this alone proves a "doctoring" of scriptures by what a person believes going into the translation process in their effort to finally "get it right".
     The end result of preterism is a denial of core tenants of the faith that have now become obsolete in their view.

          2 Tim 4.4"For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions 4and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.,.
"Deception is rooted in a one sided belief that discourages, belittles, and dismisses the opposing view out of hand - not because the topic is or has been thoroughly dissected and digested but because its the "opposite" view therefore "there is no truth to be gleaned, it must be shut down and alienated so that preterism then becomes its own little world, no one else is allowed in if they are not a "Preterist", because if they really understood the truth they would be a Preterist so therefore they are ignorant. and lost in darkness" Ed Stevens so calmly states about every futurist..
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