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Stephen Whitsett BA
Giving an orthodox apologetic answer for Eschatology
This web site is dedicated to: bring correction, instruction, and rebuke; To encourage, build up, and present the Historical Orthodox Eschatology. It rejects a dispensational system that holds to an imminent coming of Jesus in a pre-trib Rapture as characterized by the “Left Behind” series. It also rejects the new Full / Hyper / Partial Preterist movement which claims all (or most) prophecy was fulfilled in 70 AD (the Big four; His return, Millennium, Judgment, and the New Heaven & Earth). and those who apply a strict allegorical interpretation of scriptures with out regard for literal language.

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Honest Challenge: What makes my truth more “right” than anyone else’s?

         We both should understand that interpretation is based on solid hermeneutical principles when those rules are violated we bring disagreements when they are “enforced” and adhered to we bring agreement to the body of Christ. Middleism is a presentation of the Historical Orthodox position of Eschatology and is nothing new under the sun but has been around for two thousand years and is the agreed upon and the uniting factor of Eschatology among main stream churches.
         We are not offering something New Under the Sun but clarifying what has all ready been established but in recent history has all been changed and altered by false teachers.
        What people choose to believe is sometimes based in presupposition even before they begin to read. So we offer to you a choice.

Rev. Stephen Whitsett B.A.
For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.

2 Timothy 4.3, 4
Middleism Eschatology was created to correct certain beliefs that are critical to support their interpretation of Eschatology and is based in rejection of specific teachings that are crucial to each.

It begins with;

1. Revelation was written 96-98 AD.

2. Mathew 24 (Luke 21, Mark 13) Jesus never speaks about the Second Coming.

3. The Rapture happens ONLY at His return, after the tribulation and before the Millennium reign of Christ on earth in a physical Kingdom.

4. His return, The Tribulation, the Millennium, the Great White Throne Judgment, and the New Heaven & Earth are all literal events and future.
What's Inside ?

Reading resources for the novice to the scholar from the basics to the advanced treatment of Theological doctrine. I expose several misconceptions and explain how these have led to false expectations and understandings about the last days. Like a Jig Saw puzzle I build the frame work, explain each piece, and assemble the full picture.
Middleism is a return to the classical Historical Orthodox position on Eschatology (study of last day events) as understood by the Early Church Father (ECF - 64 AD - 300 AD.) Middleism teaches that the events of 70 AD were prophesied by Jesus in the Olivet Discourse (math 24: Mark 13: Luke 21)
Dispensationalism teaches the Olivet discourse is ALL future prophecy.
Preterism also teaches the Olivet was completely fulfilled in 70 AD.

Middleism teaches that is was all fulfilled in 70 AD, and that there is no promise of a Second Coming in the Olivet.
Dispensationalism teaches The Olivet is of the same information as the book of Revelation and therefore all future.
Preterism teaches that the Olivet includes a promise for the Second coming to happen in that "generation".
Middleism teaches the Great Tribulation, Second coming, Rapture, Millennium, Great White Throne Judgment and the New Heavens and Earth is all future as does Dispensationalism according to the book of Revelations.
Partial Preterism teaches the event of Revelation began with 70 AD till now.
Preterism teaches all these things happened in 70 AD.

The ECF taught Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD according to the Prophecy of Jesus and yet never believed he returned or any other final event happened. They also believed Revelation was written 96-98 AD. Eusebius "History of the Church" Book Three.
The creedal testimony of the united ECF was a belief in a physical bodily Resurrection of the Dead and the triumphant visible future return of Christ.
What is Middleism ? Vs. Preterism Vs. Dispensationalism
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Eschatology…. The Study of Last day Things.
God left us with a final vision of what is to happen that closes out the end of everything he had planned for man. The Book of Revelation has been interpreted in many ways and films are made based on what they believe it says or reveals.

This site is for working through what it teaches in a logical way without the presupposition and assumption which means sometimes we have to say
I Don't know.
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