Warning: Full Preterism is Heresy

In an age when everyone has "The" truth and wants to convince you of their truth how do we truly know?

Orthodoxy is "Right Teaching" and Christianity's essential "Right Teaching" was established centuries ago, in what we call the Nicene Creed. It was how the Early Church determined who was a true Christian in those early days, where many claimed to be "Christian" but taught the opposite of what the Apostles had passed on. Christianity was  based on the essentials of the Gospel message as proclaimed by the apostles.

While it was understood there were non-essential elements to the Christian faith and practice, the acceptance of the Man, Christ Jesus, is essential. Understanding that he is fully God (divine)  is also essential. To deny Christ is still fully man is to be outside of "right teaching". A man being of Body and Spirit, Preterism adopts elements of the age old heresy of "Gnosticism" by denying the Bodily existence of Christ in heaven and the Bodily Resurrection of the saints from out of the grave at Christ Second Appearing.

Missing the mark in declaring He Came in A.D. 70, What follows in their theology is a complete denial of what the church has understood for 2000 years by trying to prove that all prophecy was fulfilled. The earmarks of a cult is always; A denial of who Christ is, A denial of essential elements of the historic Christian faith and claiming they have it right while everyone else is wrong.

Another significant factor is education or scholarship. Preterism refuses to accept 2000 years of church scholarship claiming "doctrines of men" and "we have no Creed" becoming their creed. Preterism is not taught in any recognized accredited seminary or accepted by any denomination. Most "teaching" Preterists have no post secondary seminary level degrees but claim they are KNOWLEDGEABLE based on "years of study in the scriptures."

Most who adopt Preterism, do so based on the misinterpretations of time statements, which has been addressed and their understanding refuted.

A False Theological System is always characterized by recreating doctrine based on the idea, "The Church has it wrong", this is always the first clue that what follows is Heresy, that which is against sound doctrine.


Dispensationalism is a system of  Eschatological Interpretation, while not heretical, it does present certain problems.

- It forces a two part coming of Christ before and after the Tribulation ; The Rapture happens before, and his second coming is after the Tribulation, a position never held by Ealy Church Fathers,

- It requires a temple to be rebuilt in Jerusalem so that it can be torn down again.

- It demands a reintroduction of animal sacrifice, not for atonement, but for purification of the saints.

-It demands the fulfillment of the Olivet in this future time frame.


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