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Full/Hyper/Realized Eschatology

is a reincarnation of the Hymenaeus and Philetus heresy that claims the Second Coming and Resurrection is past.

Welcome to Middleism Eschatology

Do I have Your Attention?

"Middleism" was created in opposition to Partial Preterism and Full/Hyper/Realized Eschatology. It is nothing more than a balanced Post-Trib / Pre Mill position. Written as an apologetic against Dispensationalism, Post Millennialism, and Amillenialism.

In a crazy world with so much going on we are left with so many questions to answer and so many voices telling us what is going to happen, when, how, why... How do we really know we are approaching the "last Days"?

Is the world coming to an end? and who are we suppose to believe? Who has it all right?

- For starter's don't believe the person who says they know the date when Jesus returns or that it is all past.

Click on the link above "Eschatology" to explore the three main views.

Partial Preterism

is a system that makes the Revelation of John to be about the events of AD 70.