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About My You Tube Channel

Videos are another means of communication truth. They become the compliment to the blog and present a different forum where people are able to interact with the subject being presented. Much of what is done is in apologetic form, to give an answer for others "mistakes". It is not a sermon  or a Sunday School lesson but a theological point being made that is consistent and logical.  Many will be a repeat of my blog but more off the cuff and not from reading a script.

The introduction video is meant to provide a beginning point of understanding of how we interpret the Bible, the rules used to guide our understanding of what is being said.  There are many other resources that help us in the process. The two other foundational videos start with understanding what is "Middleism", something I created to help differentiate from Partial Preterism.  The third is an introduction to "the Resurrection of the Dead", the meaning created by Preterists demands an answer as people are slowly being fooled by persuasive sounding arguments, yet the foundation or underline principle that they want you to accept is a lie.

You can access all the videos on my You Tube Channel and by subscribing, be notified whenever a new ones is made available.

What is Middleism?

When a person claims, as I do, that the Olivet was all fulfilled in AD 70,  it smacks of Partial Preterism, which means some prophecy was fulfilled in the past, yet true Partial preterism is the claim that Revelation, written before AD 70, and along with the Olivet discourse IS partially fulfilled in AD 70.

My claim is The Olivet is all fulfilled in AD 70 and has nothing to do with any future scenario. Revelation being written after AD 70 has nothing to do with AD 70.  There is no promise of a second coming found in the Olivet, and Revelation fulfillment is all future.