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A Public Statement of Faith

It's all about the message we wear on our heart and literally on our sleeve..
These custom designs are inspired by our worship, based in scriptures. The link will direct you to the Elisha's Bones TeeSpring store, a safe and secure place to purchase products your not going to find anywhere else. Your not going to find them in Target, Wal-Mart, or even Amazon.com.
The pricing is a standard $5.00 off normal offerings from Tee Springs. You can find other lines available at the On-line store.
It has to be more than just a "shirt that's funny", or something cute or the standard verses you find everywhere else. I think I provide something very unique.
All Products are Available in different colors, plage Display is solely black.
All shipping and return information provided on linked parent TeeSpring Shop site or Cafe Press.
Alternate Blog and Book store is at   https://elishasbones.com/ Mobile Friendly
Store Owner: Stephen Whitsett; skwhitsett@aol.com                   Photographer: Casey Jo                 Model: Avery Whitsett
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