Second Coming

Eschatology: The Study of Last Things

Eschatology literal means the study of Last Day things or events that will consummate  human history in which Gods purpose of redemption and the restoration of his purpose is completed. All of human history has been about each person God lovingly created being given the chance to see him for what he is and choosing to reciprocate that love by choice and not by coercion.
These last day events are found in the Book of Revelation which outlines those events and describes them using Apocalyptic language, symbolism to communicate what he sees and hears that are too grand for his human understanding.

In the analysis and what is agreed upon is that it outlines and describes five main events.  His appearing, the Millennial Kingdom of Christ reign on earth, the Great White Throne judgment, and the restoration of all things created, which is called a New Heaven and Earth. Yes, there are differences  in how people understand the chronology and or how these events play out, figuratively or literally, our best approach of understanding should begin with those closest to the source like the Apostle John.  In every event there is a who, what, when, where, how , and why that creates consistency, coherence, and logical. The purpose of scholarship is we examine those factors through to its logical ends and apply the paradigm through out to find consistency or error in consistency.  If inconsistency is created we reject that avenue of thought and should pursue another. In the pursuit of truth several views are created or understood, examined, and criticized for inconsistencies, and because of man's limited understanding all views remain imperfect, yet some obviously come closer to the truth. These views are examined through our lens of perceptions and measure of education we have serve as a guide in our cognitive understanding. The less knowledge leads to more "holes" in our views. Paying attention to scholarship limits our need to go down the wrong rabbit holes of thought. 

This simple introduction is a basis for guidelines in starting a pursuit in understanding of Last Day things. If God's final words concern our last days then it is written for our benefit and for giving us a hope that all that we have gone through in this life, leads to that point when we see our saviors' face, and finally come to understand fully his great love for us.

Millennial Kingdom

The Millennial reign begins with satan being locked up in a prison, the language demands he loses his freedom like being put in jail.
Christ then rules from Jerusalem with his resurrected saints in  their vindication, since they were killed for their faith, they get to live again and rule with him.

In this kingdom, which is not the removal of the curse of Adam, the survivors of these wars and times continue to live, die, and give birth. At the end of this perfect  time period, satan is released and goes out and deceives these nations again, and raises another army against Christ.

Fire falls from heaven and in and instant this earth is consumed by fire. All that man has done on earth is burnt up.