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The Bottom line is this, being a Christian and living as a Christian are sometimes two different things. Its not something we are or do on Sunday only but is to be our life. Christ asked us to pick up our cross and follow him daily and in such a hurt and broken world we can be the only voice of God in peoples lives. It's not about "preaching" to the captive audience but living a life that makes people question. A two word message on a cup, a shirt, a towel, or a blanket, speaks volumes to a world who is looking for something real and evidenced by how we live, in honesty and with integrity. It has to start in the home and in our family, even if it is a family of one. The things we watch in our free time, the books we read before we go to bed, the reminders around the house, the music we play in the house and car, the things we wear, are all reminders of the one who we belong to. The one who paid the price to purchase us from the destruction that rules around us everyday. He is the One who's lap we run to sit on, where we find peace. Its his voice we listen to, to get the truth. It the one place where other voices are silenced and we come into his presence and everything else fades away and we get back to what's really important, and find the strength to face each day and become warriors in his Kingdom. To start and end each day in His presence.

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Is Dedicated to keeping it simple about all things, Books, Movies, and Music. You'll find reviews, comments, Educated opinions, stories, thoughts, ideas, and more to encourage, guide, and supplement your Christian experience. We value your opinion, thought, insight, questions, so please do not hesitate to drop a message or comment.

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Is Dedicated to providing you with products that have been proven to be scripturally sound, edifying, and profitable. The goal is to eliminate the need for going through countless list of books to try and figure out which one would be the best, to be informed about Good movies, good music and promote things that add to our home and lifestyle that not only reminds us of our faith, but advertises it as well, From the beach to the Office.