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In a crazy world with so much going on we are left with so many questions to answer and so many voices telling us what is going to happen, when, how, why... How do we really know we are approaching the "last Days". Is the world coming to an end? and who are we suppose to believe? Who has it all right? - For starter's don't believe the person who says they know the date when Jesus returns.

No one person has it right or does every person have it all wrong. There are several views that could very well be possible and several views that are dead wrong.  My goal here is to point to a safe place where an ongoing dialogue with honest discussion takes place. I know some people are set in their beliefs and no amount of "debate" is going to change their minds. Yes, there are some ideas we should not ever let go of no matter the argument presented from what we would call "aggressive opposition". There are a set of "guidelines" that defines what it means to be Christian, to stray from those guidelines it fall into "heresy". Things such as denying the deity of Christ, the Incarnation of Christ, the Trinity, the Bodily Resurrection of the saints, and the Bodily Second Coming of Christ.

In the following pages we give a brief outline as  FOUNDATION's and for a discussion starter. Along side is links to my Blog spot intended to give an apologetic for the Christian faith and FACEBOOK pages to facilitate  a place for discussion.

What is Middleism

Middleism" was created with tongue in cheek. Its purpose is to separate it from Dispensational teaching and Partial Preterism.
            - It is based on the late date of Revelation authorship.
            - The Olivet and Revelation are of two different "ages".
            - There is no promise of a Second Coming found in the Gospels.
            - It is the Classical Historical Premillennial Return of Christ as held by the Early Church Fathers.

We affirm the Bible was written for the church, for all Generations, until He comes.

Now Introducing a brand New book from Stephen Whitsett M.Div. Th.M.

Middleism Eschatology

A simple easy to read outline of the Last Days events starting with the Tribulation and the Second Coming.

Written with an Apologetic woven in against Dispensationalism and Full Preterism. It's what you need to know

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"Son of Man Coming on Clouds"

The prolific idea for many Christians is that Mathew 24, The Olivet Discourse is a promise of the Second Coming of Christ.  When the passage is examined the phrase "son of man Coming on Clouds" is not about a Christ coming down but in His ascension He sits at the right hand of the Father and executes Judgment on that generation who not only rejected him, but also killed him on the Cross. This view is held by many scholars but as yet has never been translated to the pulpits of America. With this view held in mind, the chronology of the last days is made easy to understand as it should have been from the very beginning and was by the Early Church Fathers.  I am not creating a new Eschatology but returning to the very beginning.